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I S L A N D   O F   T H E    L O S T

We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far --H.P. Lovecraft

+Roadtrip::Staten Island, New York+

explored: St. Augustian Monastery, Vanderbilt Tomb (Moravian Cemetary), John King Vanderbilt House, NY Yacht Club (aka McFarlane-Bredt House), the Dead Pool

explored & photographed by: Shady

date: Sunday, April 7, 2002


I went on a Staten Island adventure, and here is a taste of what I found...

Staten Island Monastery

Staten Island Monastery

Staten Island Monastery

Staten Island Monastery

Ancient, crumbling, ominous, abandoned, desolate, legendary. All these words and more cannot sum up the old St. Augustinian Monastery, which looms high on Grimes Hill, keeping a dark and watchful eye over Staten Island spread out below. Wanna see MORE of the Monastery? Click here. To read more about our Staten Island road trip, check out the April 7th entry in the road notes

Staten Island Monastery

Staten Island Monastery

Staten Island Monastery

Below, some of the other spots we hit up along the way- the "Watcher" standing atop one of the Vanderbilt Tombs (left) in the Moravian Cemetery. The decrepit old John King Vanderbilt House, built 1836 (second from left) is "home" to somebody. The New York Yacht Club (aka McFarlane-Bredt House) was built in 1842 (second from right) and is still quite beautiful, despite it's decay. A large number of abandoned sailing vessels slowly sink into their watery graves in the Dead Pool (right), where I made a pretty bizarre discovery... click here for the story.

Vanderbilt Tomb

John King Vanderbilt House

McFarlane-Bredt House (former New York Yacht Club)

The Dead Pool

Verrazano Narrows Bridge

Left, the gracefully arching Verrazano Narrows Bridge, which we got lost on. At least it was a scenic trip. Heh heh. This pic was shot at the end of the long, slanting lawn in front of the New York Yacht Club (above, second from right). It's a beautiful area. I couldn't help but picture what this scene was like back in it's heyday, when the now crumbling house was a fancy Yacht Club... wanna see MORE of it? Click here


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