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+Shady & the She-Devil+

name: She-Devil


homepage: Lynne's Domain

Scooby skills: shooting nice clear photos while I'm driving 70 miles per hour

fave Lost trip: me 'n my niece Shady looking for Rebecca and having a drink on Nosi (thanks, Nosi!) at the Lodge in Cloudcroft New Mexico

most memorable Scooby moment: making late night trips to the 'haunted' Piedmont House with my old school Scooby gang back in the days

Scooby-Doo character I most identify with: Scrappy Doo

dream car: 1989 Mustang

favorite villain/s: Eminem

hobbies & distractions: I am my own worst distraction. Hobbies: music & photography.

hang-ups & phobias: side streets of the unknown

personal theme song for getting Lost: "Sounds Of Silence"...Simon & Garfunkel

I've lost: my mentor

places explored: The Angel Tree, The Hermitage




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