S A P P H I R E   W O O D S

The woods are lovely, dark and deep....but I have promises to keep

And miles to go before I sleep... and miles to go before I sleep --Robert Frost

*this location has since been demolished

Sapphire Woods, Jackson, New Jersey

explored & photographed by: Shady

At the end of County Line Road, there is a lonely-looking, beautiful old place that sits on the corner, overlooking Shady Lake and the surrounding woods...

If ever there was a house with eyes, this is it. The windows in this place seem almost... alive... they seem to wink and shift as they reflect the cloudy sky and the silvery lake. This a large place; it's very imposing despite it's emptiness

This house is really lovely, it's a shame to see it neglected like this. The patterns of the brickwork and the old fashioned shingling are really nice, and the property around the place is large and filled with gorgeous wildlife. A peek inside reveals a very dark and spooky interior

Now... I have seen a lot of weird anomalies in my photos before. Sunspots, reflections, all sorts of things can cause optical illusions in pictures. So, I've seen them before in my shots, I don't get freaked out by them... but, I must say... there is one pic in on this page that had something in it that is just plain scary looking! I won't point it out (don't want to influence anyone into seeing it) but, if you see the creepy face I am talking about, in one of the above pics, drop me a line... I'm curious to see if anyone else sees it

Creeping Ivy twines around the house, covering it in a shroud of leafy green. There is a strange little structure behind the house that appears to be a possible entrance to a basement; it's buried under a mound of Ivy and looks almost like the roof of a tiny house. A few splashes of cryptic graffiti decorate the walls of the place. Brick columns, a wooden picket fence, and ornate old light fixtures lend this place an air of antiquated charm.

It's a strange structure... it looks like a house, but the front door does not look like the typical kind of front door you would find on a home, more like on some sort of business or professional type of building... yet there are no signs anywhere to indicate what this building is used for? And, the place is neglected, and really torn up inside... but there is just something about it that doesn't feel completely abandoned... it's like someone is still here, and this place is still being used for something... who knows what...

This rusty old shed lies off to the side of the main house; weeds and grass have grown waist-high around the building, and there are piles of beer bottles and other debris scattered about...

After I shot these pics, I went back  to check out the spot that appeared to have a weird face in one of the pictures. I just wanted to see if  maybe there was something there that may have caused the anomaly. I looked really closely at the area and couldn't find anything there in the area where the face appears, except a few cobwebs (which are also visible in the pic, so that's not what caused it) And it's still not clear what the cause is... a case of coincidental pareidolia, or some unseen inhabitant of Sapphire Woods?


And here is what our visitors are saying about the "face" at Sapphire Woods...

"I am sending you this email in response to the mystery face in the Sapphire Woods image... I think I am seeing a very hideous looking face... I did not see it at first, but when I did see it, I was amazed!" --Marc

"I found the face in the picture at the house at Sapphire Woods. It's to left of the center of the window, in between the two curtains. It looks like a dark skinned face with a real demented smile. That is pretty freaky." --Mike

"Wow it kind of pops out at you all of the sudden like from behind the curtain in the long shot on the porch looking towards the road. Very spooky! I was also curious about the blue orbs that are taken at the same place, what caused them?" --CTM

"Just dropping a line to tell you that you aren't the only one who saw something in the window. I took the liberty of filtering your picture and a face is clearly visible..." --Katie

"...you said you didnt want to 'tell' exactly WHERE the face is. At first I didnt see it, I am sure it is due to this monitor. But then I saw an outline of a face near the bottom of a pic of a window, as if looking out of the curtains...(its right by the foilage) Then I looked at the pic that I BELIEVE you were talking about, that face is more defined...but it seems to me to be the same face. Like an old 'bald' man. Like a 'scary' old bald man..ick. And what about the blue orb lights? That also seems as if it is 'something.' I could be wrong, but I dont think so...... I just stumbled on the pic that has the 'blown up' version. Just so you knew where I 'was' with that pic, first I saw like this old man... funny and strange thing is, now I look at the blown up version and see what appears to be a demon. NO WONDER you were scared! There is no way I could have went into that house alone. Even with my dogs would have been freaky enough. You got a lot of guts girl! But like ya said, you definetely COULDNT think about it while entering, ya, that would probably be me too. I have so much enjoyed this site!" --Lisa

"Excellent work on your site! I came across this one as I was trying to find someplace interesting for my wife and I to visit in lovely New Jersey. I was looking at the pictures of the house in the Saphire Woods, and you mentioned an image that freaked you out, and asked anyone who saw it to drop you a line. I think I've seen what you're talking about. In the image is a brick pillar to the right, with a window to the left. It would appear that in the window, partially obscured by the white curtain, it looks like half a face with a wide opened eye, and open mouth. Is this the one you were speaking about? I'd love to know..." --Don

"YES!!! I saw the face it is so clear and right there. It is in the last picture in the set of photos and it is creepy!!!! I have to tell you that I love this kind of stuff and I love to get lost too." --Robert

"Hello, I must say I find your web site very interesting. And, you didn't have to influence me one bit, I immediately saw the face in the window. It looks like it is almost screaming. I can see what looks like teeth, and one eye. I hope I am seeing what you are seeing and it's not my imagination..." --Lisa

"When I opened up that picture I got goosebumps, that face was damn creepy. Definitely something/someone there, the curtains even looked moved where the "head" was... photography is excellent!" --Annmarie

"I found your scary face. My brain was saying 'it's a weird reflection from the trees - it only looks like someone peeking out from behind that curtain' while at the same time I was falling out of my chair and peeing in my pants. I don't care how rationally you look at it, that is JUST FREAKY. I'll be seeing it in my dreams tonight. Thanks a lot. Great site...keep taking pics!" --Christy

"I saw the face in the window of the sapphire house . The picture you had taken while standing on the front porch is the one. Very disturbing. There seems to be a lot of blue haze coming from that area. By the way, have you seen the person looking at you from the upstairs window? The photo you took of the side of the house which includes the old metal shed.The lower half of the upstairs window, just below the roof peak. I admire your bravery as well as your photography." --Z

Do you have any background information or stories to tell about this abandoned site?


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