O U T   O F   S T A T E,   O U T   O F   M I N D

Still round the corner there may wait, A new road or a secret gate --J. R. R. Tolkien


Ah, roadtrippin'. Windows down, breeze rolling in over the waves of your favorite tunes pouring out of the speakers... off to seek out destinations hidden, legendary and unknown. Roadtrips RULE.

Our favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday is to grab our maps and our laptop and hit the road in search of Lost treasure.

Wanna join us on some of our grooviest adventures?


t i m e   t o   h i t    t h e   r o a d ...

We took a road trip across Arizona, to explore and photograph some AZ weirdness on behalf of Weird US for the upcoming book, Weird Arizona. Here, some snapshots from the road...


Mt. Rubidoux, Riverside, California
While Lobo and I were out on a trip to Riverside, California, we explored the rugged and mysterious Mt. Rubidoux (and the amazing Peace Tower/Friendship Bridge atop it)


We explored the weirdness of the Houston area (Humble, Galveston, Beaumont, etc) for the Weird Texas book, and saw some pretty creepy and fantastic things...


The Alamo, the Riverwalk, road-trippin' kitties, a giant booby-mound, drunken-Shady bar-dancing and more on our excellent road trip to beautiful San Antonio...


West Milford, New Jersey, Demon's Alley
We take a road trip to one of the weirdest New Jersey towns around- West Milford- to explore spooky Clinton Road, the eerie abandoned neighborhood of Demon's Alley, the amazing Stone Living Room, and the mysterious Route 23 Pole Art


Nashville, Tennessee/The Hermitage
We explore the grand and historic old Hermitage (home of Andrew Jackson) with it's timeless old mansion, it's garden cemetery, and it's haunted reputation, while on a summer road trip to Nashville, Tennessee


Dripping Springs Road Trip
We take a hike through a wild desert canyon in New Mexico's Organ Mountains in search of some very mysterious landmarks- the ruins of Van Patten Mountain Camp, Boyd's Sanatorium, and La Cueva


Lambertville High School & The Gulick House
Back To School- the Scoobs take you on the most comprehensive virtual tour of Lambertville High School ever, including vid clips... and we also explore the amazing, historic Gulick House, a vast, abandoned mansion from the 1850's


Lambertville High School
Easter in Lambertville- I spent my Easter Sunday searching for ghosts instead of eggs. Check out the pics we captured at "haunted" Lambertville High and the abandoned Old Coal Mill of Lambertville, NJ


Dover Mental Cage, Kinnelon Castle, Split Rock Road, Tomb of 12 Nuns, Satanic Church
Northern Unorthodoxy- the Scoobies took a road trip through the weird wilds of North Jersey, stopping off at crumbling old Kinnelon Castle, spooky Split Rock Road, the sinister Satanic Church, and the mysterious Tomb of 12 Nuns. Over 5 pages worth of pics!


Staten Island Monastery, Vanderbilt Tomb, Moravian Cemetery, Dead Pool
Island of the Lost- the Scoobies got lost in Staten Island, NY. We explored the legendary abandoned St. Augustinian Monastery, the Moravian Cemetery, the Dead Pool, & some of Staten Island's most historical abandoned buildings, among other things


Lost in Idaho
Lost in Idaho- my fellow Scoobette Liz & I traipsed through the Idaho snow to uncover some real "lost" gems- a creepy abandoned haunted house attraction, a spooky deserted old factory, and an empty, crumbling mill


Weird Wild West
Wild Weird West- on a trip back home to Texas, my Sis and I went exploring and got lost, finding abandoned treasures galore- from adobe hacienda to brick mansion, from ancient Old West jailhouse to surreal airplane graveyard, & more



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