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To know the road ahead, ask those coming back --Chinese Proverb


There is a reason why so many song lyrics and poetry verses have been written about roads- they are the beginning and the end of every destination... they can lead you on great adventures and thrilling explorations... they embody so many different possibilities and mysteries. Roads... beckon.

Witches Hollow Road, New Jersey
Witches Hollow Road:
take a mysteriously-named road that is abandoned/blocked off, add a nearby cemetery & brooding vultures, and you have yourself a really creepy-cool spot

Clinton Road, New Jersey
Clinton Road:
as you drive down this infamous spooky roadway you feel as if you are a million miles away from any civilization... and boy oh boy does this road have a reputation

Shades of Death Road
Shades of Death Road:
yes, that is the actual name of this spooky, supposedly cursed and haunted country road, home to an array of ghostly legends and creepiness

Whipporwill Valley Road
Whipporwill Valley Road:
this infamous scary road is unbelievably narrow, dark, creepy, bumpy, desolate, sinister, and quite a thrill-ride in the dead of night...

Lost Destinations
McCurdy Lane:
the spooky old abandoned Jackson House lies at the end of this lonely, narrow dead-end   (how appropriate) street...

Split Rock Road
Split Rock Road:
it's legends are many- according to local lore, it's got ghosts, cult activity, unexplained lights in the sky, animal carcasses, murder, suicide, & one heck of an urban legend...

Roads to Nowhere
More Roads to Nowhere:
they've got elbows, shoulders, forks, & bends... all leading to a myriad of interesting, amazing destinations...

a North-to-South pictorial tour of my explorations along Route 9, the old "Killer Highway" of New Jersey


Do you have any background information or stories to tell about an interesting road?


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