R O A D S    T O   N O W H E R E

He who hesitates is not only lost, but miles from the next exit --Unknown

explored & photographed by: Shady

A few other strange and spooky  roads we've gotten "lost" on.... above: the sinister shaded lane that leads to the Satanic Church in Rockaway

above, left-to-right: Highway to Hell?? At least, according to this sign- WEST 666- which used to be on a road leading to the Satanic Church (go figure)... Washington Street, the steep and narrow dead end road that leads up to "haunted" Lambertville School... a shady, anonymous back road where a crazy Rott chased us and tried to eat us (eeek)... the narrow lane in the Moravian Cemetery (Staten Island, NY) that leads to the infamous Vanderbilt Burial Ground

Twisted-Tree House Road

Greenhouse Road

Geisler Lane

Above, left-to-right: the bumpy dirt path that leads to the Twisted-Tree House... the narrow rutted path that runs alongside the Greenhouse... sunlit, lonely Geisler Lane

Do you have any background information or stories to tell about an interesting road?


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