Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be know --Carl Sagan



Sometimes you see stuff that is so damned weird, there is just no category for it. Here is some of that stuff.


Dust Storm SunsetDust Storm Sunset

Sandstorm Sunset

This is what the sun looks like through the really heavy desert sandstorms that we get out here in El Paso, TX- every bit of sky you see in these pics is cloaked in dust. It's very trippy- it blocks the sun's light so that it becomes this pale pearly-white and looks exactly like a full moon. If you're not accustomed to desert weather this can be a pretty strange sight!


Lost Destinations

Welcome To Jersey

On the way back from picking up my sister on her first-ever visit to Jersey, we came across this sight at the first toll booth we came to. Talk about a first impression.


Lost Destinations


Damn, that doesn't look good. Actually this nose-diving car on the west side of El Paso, Texas is an advertisement for some kinda.... place. Not quite sure what, as the sign is too faded-out and warped to read.


Lost Destinations

Decapitated-Head Mailbox

The gruesome-yet-oddly-patriotic decapitated head complete with mullet perched atop a mailbox at this very suburban NJ house made me do a double take as we drove by. Note: this was not even anywhere near Halloween-time. How odd.


Lost Destinations

Unmarked Grave?!

I came across this very ominously shaped mound just off the side of the wooded trailhead that leads up to the Stone Living Room. Gulp. I dunno what the heck it is. I just know it sure has a creepy grave-esque size and shape!


Lost Destinations

For A Good Time...

I happened to look up at the sky as I was walking in Times Square one day and saw this trippy phone number in the sky (I couldn't get the whole thing in the pic- too big- but it actually made a complete circle, forming a giant numeric ring around the New York City skyline) I love NYC.


Lost Destinations

The Naked Cowboy

See the Naked Cowboy playing guitar in his tighty-whiteys in the middle of Times Square. See the arm of the bewildered tourist pointing to the Naked Cowboy's tighty-whiteys in the middle of Times Square. The Naked Cowboy is a NYC icon. He even has his own website, and his own Naked Cowgirl. NYC is crazy. Did I mention I love NYC?


Lost Destinations

Where There's Smoke

I spotted this pretty large-sized fire raging in a field not too far from where we lived at the time in Jackson, NJ. The smoke column was incredibly enormous. It was quite weird to see such a big scary fire in such proximity.





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