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Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be know --Carl Sagan



I noticed long ago that there are some pretty bizarre signs out there... here are pics of some of my favorite road-sign-weirdness...


Giant Evil Clown

WTF?? This is one freaky lookin' giant clown on Route 35, in Middletown... I mean, just look at him! You know he's got something dastardly on his mind. I understand he's been there for years, peering angrily at the passers-by. And, what is he trying to hold in his fingers?!!!? And why is the tip of his other finger all RED??! Agghhhghhhh!

MissPepper tells us, "While I agree that the clown is sort of evil looking I don't think that he has anything dastardly on his mind. He is located in front of a liquor store that was at one time a Food Circus supermarket. Look closely at the position of his left hand in the photo and you will realize that at one time he held a sign advertising the special of the week.  Just as a bit of trivia - he used to ROTATE! You might have noticed that he is attached to the sign via his hat and in-between his feet, that was the axis he rotated on.  As for the red tipped finger, who knows?"


Lost Destinations

Thanks, Roy

This sign, outside the abandoned Kobe Restaurant, did not say this the day that I explored it- this somewhat amusing message popped up overnight a few months later. Heh heh.


Chinese Restaurant Bowling Pin

This Chinese restaurant is located on Route 35, near Middletown... inside a place that is.... a....  a bowling alley? and... it's just a very odd sight!

MissPepper also tells us, "The chinese restaurant in the bowling alley isn't really so strange.  The Harmony Bowling alley is still open for business.  The chinese restaurant used to be located in the strip mall adjacent to the alley.  When the alley changed owners and the lease ran out on the lunch counter inside the chinese restaurant took over.  Next time you drive by you should stop in for lunch.  It's good!"


Shades Of Death Road, New Jersey

Shady Signs

I like to collect pics of signs that say my name. Ok, so I'm a dork. Anyway, here's the first couple of Shady signs that I've found in Jersey. If you find a Shade/Shady sign and send me a pic of it- I'll put it up here, and I'll be your best friend ;)

Lost Destinations

One of my new best friends sent me the AWESOME pix below of my new favorite Shady sign at a killer abandoned location, how perfect!! *wink*

Shady Nook

Shady Nook

"Excellent site... Glad to see it updated now and then. Maybe a little out of your area, but here's a couple shots of a sign you might want. The place hasn't been open for years, but I'm not sure it fits the abandoned catagory. It's close proximity to the highway and the sherriff using it's lot a radar station prevents any entry. Anyways, it's here in SW Ohio. Hope it still fits slightly. Keep having fun and keep getting lost!" --E

Another visitor, Jonas, was kind enough to send me the following fascinating "Shady Nook" info:

"GREAT site! A note on the "Shady Nook" restaurant... I've read about this place somewhere else, though I can't remember where... Here's hoping that (1) it reopens and (2) vandals never get inside. Note the wider shot...what are those tall, narrow things set on the wall? They're fake organ pipes! The Shady Nook is called "The Celebration Place" for a good reason: It was part of a late 60s till late 70s trend. It contained an old Theatre Pipe Organ. I think it's opened and closed many times over the years... I seem to remember one site saying the song "Moon River" is connected to the place somehow. I remember reading that the organ often became unplayable due to poor maintenence. Pipe organs are tempermental, they need proper upkeep. They're also delicate- only a tiny bit of vandalism can render the hundreds of pipes, made of soft metals, unplayable or even destroy them completely. Best, ~ Jonas"




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