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Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know (Michel de Montaigne)


G H O S T L Y   N U N   O F   L O R E T T O   T O W E R

Although the bell in this bell tower at Loretto Academy has not rung in years, persistent rumors of ghostly activity in the belfry have been whispered for as long as anyone can remember. As the legend goes, many years ago a nun lost her life inside this towering structure, which she haunts to this day.

Loretto Tower          Loretto Tower          Loretto Tower

above: the eerie Tower of Loretto Academy by the light of a Full Moon

 Some say the unfortunate nun jumped to her death from the Tower in shame over an illicit pregnancy. Other, more sinister versions of the story state that the hapless nun was locked away in the Tower without food or water to conceal the secret of her shameful behavior.

There is no evidence of the story beyond rumor and legend... however, many people have claimed to have seen the nun's ghostly figure gliding back and forth inside the Tower on certain moonlit nights... some say she is lamenting her sad demise, while others believe she is hunting for the sisters that condemned her to her Tower prison. Either way... the Tower at night is indeed a spooky sight.

Photographs & article by Heather Shade. All Rights Reserved.

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