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name: Liz

email: liz@lostdestinations.com

Scooby skills: I have the ability to mesmerize ghosts and bad guys with the power of my beauty. Okay, okay, I wish. Umm.... I have a great eye for detail which helps me notice unusual things when on a Scooby hunt.

fave Lost trip: My favorite lost trip was when Shade and I found the "Tower of Terror." It was such a stroke of luck. We were actually looking for a ghost town, took a wrong turn, noticed an interesting building and stopped to check it out. While we were investigating the building we saw the "Tower of Terror" (an abandoned Haunted House) across a field hidden behind the first building. If we hadn't gotten lost, then stopped we would never have happened on this great find.

most memorable Scooby moment: When we were at the Winchester House and Shade's camera stopped working everytime that she pointed it at the house, but worked fine whenever she pulled it away. Then my camera started acting funny inside the house too. Spooky.

Scooby-Doo character I most identify with: Shaggy. I am such a clutz.

dream car: 69 Camero Rally Sport

favorite villain/s: I don't have a favorite, but I have one that I hate. It is the glowing spaceman skeleton form under the sea. He made this awful "Eiiiii, eii yie" sound. That thing used to really creep me out as a kid.

hobbies & distractions: Photography is one of my favorite hobbies... make-up artistry is my passion.

hang-ups & phobias: I hate being sticky. If I get honey or anything sticky on my hands I have to wash them right away.

I've lost: my nerve .....my mind ....my balls ....respect for Catholic priests ....my lunch ....my train of thought ....heart .... my sense of direction ....bladder control ....my memory. Oh yeah, and I lost my keys somewhere between 5th and 7th street. If anyone finds them could you please return them?

places explored: Harmony Church & Cemetery, Idaho, Abandoned, Monroc Facility, Tower Of Terror, Winchester Mystery House



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