The only thing you take with you when you're gone is what you leave behind --John Allston


From the most magnificent mansion to the most rustic cottage... no home is immune from the ravages of time, neglect, and mystery...

House Of Handprints:
handprints on the wall and a chilling encounter in this remote abandoned house in Iowa

House Of Sand And Fog
House Of Sand And Fog:
something strange showed up in the basement of this isolated and forlorn vacant Iowa farmhouse

+The Bone House+
The Bone House:
gingerbread trim and a pile of bones out back make this creepy old abandoned house fit for a fairytale wicked-witch

+Demon's Alley+
Demon's Alley:
the legendary deserted ghost-suburb of West Milford- an entire neighborhood populated by bizarrely vacant houses and haunted by a wicked urban legend

Ressel House (House of 13 Rooms)
Ressel House (aka House of 13 Rooms):
a mysterious, antique-filled house, several greenhouses, a vintage car, and more left abandoned, hidden from the world and frozen in time

House Of '77
House Of '77:
a lonely abandoned Iowa farmhouse still holds the contents of it's long-ago past, untouched for over three decades

Green Acres
Green Acres:
in the shadows of the thick, dark woods in Matawan stands an empty home littered with discarded child's toys and relics of a former life

Maryjane House
MaryJane House:
a very creepy, old deserted Iowa farmhouse that happens to have some very innnnteresting plant life out back

Hell House
Hell House:
one of the scariest abandoned locations in Maryland- Hell House is the center of many spooky urban legends, and it's not hard to see why

The Dempsey House
Dempsey House:
a "noose"-wearing tree, some very sinister boilers, and one scary urban legend make this house one of the creepiest places on the block

The Devil's House
The Devil's House:
I revisit Sapphire Woods, home of the mysterious demoniacal face-in-the-window, and this time, I go inside

Winchester Mystery House
Winchester Mystery House:
160 rooms filled with blind hallways, dead-end staircases, windows in the floor, and a whole lot of mystery make up the house that Sarah built

Gulick House:
this historical, enormous mansion has been left abandoned and is in danger of being torn down by developers

Kinnelon Castle:
a hidden, crumbling "castle" sitting atop a lonely wooded hill is slowly being overtaken by creeping vines

Jackson House:
an abandoned & reputedly haunted house in the woods, with secret passageways, cryptic graffiti, & even a decrepit old self-playing piano

Twisted-Tree House:
this crumbly old farmhouse out in the woods is slowly but surely being devoured by hungry trees and vines

The Geisler Place:
buried under tangles of thorny vines, this half-finished house stands empty and alone in the woods

Old Farm:
virtually hidden in dense woods, this large green farmhouse and the farmland surrounding it present a picture of complete desolation

County Line Cottage:
what was once a lovely, quaint-looking little cottage is now a vine covered, empty shell

Sapphire Woods:
a creepy, rambling old place overlooking a lonely lake

Hope Chapel House:
a large, empty old house sits silently in the eye of a storm


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