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F U L L   M O O N   C A L E N D A R

Translucent Luna, cosmic dust... heavenly philter, solemn and hushed.

Queen of Heaven, orb of night... galaxies exquisite, celestial light.

White-fire orbit, Diana iridescent... tranquil nebulae, silver-hanging crescent --Shady


Next Full Moon: July 21- Full Thunder Moon

Full Hot Moon, 2005

above: Full Hot Moon, June 22, 2005

This month's moon pic is from June 's Full Hot Moon... a view of the bright, full moon rising above a blanket of clouds shadowing the overlook area on the southern tip of the Franklin Mountains... from it's vantage point, you can see an amazing overview of El Paso city and  it's neighbor, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico (in fact Texas Monthly Magazine has listed the view the“Best In Texas”); check out the Full Moon Gallery for even more moony pics, and see the calendar below for dates of upcoming Full Moons...


The Moon is a mysterious force. It seems to have an effect that is almost supernatural... after all, it is a known fact that there are increased cases of murder/violent crime, arson, suicide, and various other accidents during a Full Moon, and there is always a dramatic rise in admissions to mental hospitals during Full Moon days. In fact, the very word "lunacy" comes from Luna- the Latin word for Moon. However, many people all over the globe subscribe great powers to the cycles of the Moon, believing it to harness intense supernatural powers and an influence of positive luck. Indeed, the Moon controls the cycles of the Earth, the elements of nature, and even the human body.

Throughout time, the Indians of the northern & eastern U.S. territories measured the seasons by the cycles of the recurring Full Moons, and gave each a distinct name. Below you will find a list of names, photos, and dates (upcoming Full Moon is in blue) for each:



2005 Full Moon Calendar

(Based on EST, dates may vary slightly according to time zone)


January 25- Full Wolf Moon (aka Full Old Moon)

February 23- Full Hunger Moon (aka Full Snow Moon)

March 25- Full Sugar Moon (aka Full Crow Moon, Full Worm Moon)

April 24- Full Sprouting Grass Moon (aka Full Pink Moon)

May 23- Full Flower Moon (aka Full Milk Moon)

June 22- Full Hot Moon (aka Full Rose Moon, Full Strawberry Moon)

next: July 21- Full Thunder Moon (aka Full Buck Moon)

August 19- Full Sturgeon Moon (aka Full Red Moon)

September 17- Full Harvest Moon (Full Corn Moon)

October 17- Full Hunter's Moon (aka Full Travel Moon, Full Dying Grass Moon)

November 15- Full Frost Moon (aka Full Beaver Moon)

December 15- Full Cold Moon (aka Full Long Nights Moon)


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