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Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten --B. F. Skinner

Lambertville High

Lambertville High- Outside & Inside , The Old Coal Mill

explored & photographed by: Shady

date: Easter Sunday 2002


Ready to hit the road?

I had celebrated Easter with the family a day early this year to accommodate everyone's hectic holiday plans; that meant we ended up having Easter Sunday free! We decided to have our own special, twisted kind of Easter hunt...

We decided that the day called for something extra-specially-spooky... it was the perfect opportunity to visit Lambertville High for the first time- a legendarily creepy and reputedly haunted, abandoned old high school in Lambertville, New Jersey (be sure to check out our second Lambertville trip as well). This was definitely one place that we had been wanting to see forever! We woke up early, packed up our map, laptop, and camera stuff, and hit the road in the Shady Lady, ready for adventure and giddy with anticipation.

Lambertville is up North; it's really a beautiful little town, located just across from New Hope, PA. I had ever been there before, so I had no idea what to expect. We were in no hurry, so we took the scenic route, winding our way down many twisting, lushly-wooded back roads with the radio cranked up loud and the windows wide open. It was a gorgeous day. We drove across the huge bridge over the Delaware River, right over the spot where Washington and his men crossed in 1776, and through Washington Crossing State Park, where some of the original buildings from the 1700's still stand today. Amazing!

Finally, we ended up in Lambertville, looking for the haunted high school. We had no idea exactly where it was, just that it was on top of a hill, so we began prowling the streets in search of the ghostly abandoned site. After about an hour cruising through the quiet streets of Lambertville looking for anything that might resemble the school, without any luck, we began to wonder if the place was even still there. We decided to make one more sweep through the town before we moved on to something else. As we drove the back roads of Lambertville, it looked like we weren't gonna find it. I decided to check my list of sites on my laptop to see if maybe there was something else nearby that we might wanna see. I had the laptop set up on the back seat, so I was twisted around facing toward the rear of the truck, when suddenly, I saw something through the back window... just a quick flash of brick-red up high on a quickly receding hilltop, between some trees... I wasn't even sure what I saw- a house, a brick wall, maybe even a car? But I yelled out, "Throw a U-ie!!" because I just had that feeling that we were onto something...



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