D E S T I N A T I O N   D E A T H   R O W

Time is the fire in which we burn -Gene Roddenberry


The very decayed, abandoned nature of many of the places we explore is just what makes them so damned creepy-cool. But, it can often also spell out their doom- many of these old places have been or are slated to be demolished. Below, a list of sites that are currently awaiting demolition on "Development Death Row," and other places that have already been destroyed, leaving nothing behind but their ghostly memory, and the pictures to remind us of what once was...


E X E C U T E D,   R.   I.   P.
the demolished, the destroyed, the obliterated

Staten Island Monastery (St. Augustine's):
This one really breaks my heart... *sigh*. Wagner College has demolished the amazing & historic St. Augustine's Monastery. It is a sad day for UE indeed.

Twisted-Tree House:
As soon as we saw the huge sign in front of this house announcing a future real estate development, we knew this creepy old place's days were numbered. Alas, it has been since demolished.

Ressel House (aka House of 13 Rooms):
a mysterious, antique-filled house, several greenhouses, a vintage car, and more... flattened to a pile of rubble, and now the site of a brand new Century 21 Real Estate Office. RIP

Sapphire Woods:
one of the most frightening images I have ever caught on film was inside this place, and now it's been torn down

Vacancy Motel:
totally disappeared without a trace like a ghostly vision; reduced to nothing but a dusty vacant lot

Hope Chapel House:
this lovely, forlorn old house was completely torn down, leaving behind nothing but an empty lot

Geisler Place:
the Geisler Place has been razed to the ground... nothing exists anymore except for a bare patch of land where it used to stand

Howell Carpet:
the lonely, abandoned old carpet factory was demolished; everything is gone, including the parking lot and surrounding trees

Sesame Inn:
the neighbor of Howell Carpet, it too has fallen to the hammer of "progress", making room for more development

Dover Mental Cage:
one of New Jersey's most legendary haunts; now lost to us, gone without any warning


D E A D   L A N D   S T A N D I N G
the marked, the doomed, the soon-to-be-obliterated

Lambertville High School:
condo duplexes are rumored to be in store for this legendary site, which will be totally torn down to make way for the construction

Gulick House:
a beautiful historic mansion marked for destruction by developers; the fate of the Gulick House is still in question

Kinnelon Castle:
the thick wooded forest can't seem to hide this former palace from the home development that encroaches slowly but surely up the mountainside

County Line Cottage:
Jackson's historical sites are systematically being marked for demolition, and judging by the "Condemned" notice that is now plastered on it's front door, this one seems to be next

Giant Evil Clown:
rumor has it that this unique landmark is in danger of falling victim to a shopping center development


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