C O U N T Y   L I N E   C O T T A G E

Praising what is lost makes the remembrance dear --William Shakespeare

County Line Cottage, Jackson, New Jersey

explored & photographed by: Shady


On West County Line Road, in Lakewood/Jackson, lies a small cottage-like dwelling covered in vines and surrounded by bushes; it was so covered up that I had driven past it a hundred times before I first noticed it.

I shot these pics on an overcast afternoon; everything was still wet after a night of rain. There were puddles everywhere, and the gloomy clouds lent an atmosphere of hushed solitude to the house. Every once and awhile, the sun would peek through the clouds and shine down on the vine-shrouded cottage, and I was able to catch some interesting sunlit shots.

This place looks like it could have been a nice little bungalow some years ago; it really does have a strange romantic charm despite it's neglected state

The unchecked foliage has crept so high that it's curling over the roofline. A precarious old treehouse perches high up in the big tree out back, where there's a nice sized yard that's slowly being overgrown with brambly bushes. Children's toys lie abandoned here and there... a tricycle red with rust, an old doll, a broken toy car

A rusted barbecue grill leans crookedly in the backyard... left over from barbecues long past? Most of the windows are boarded up; a few are covered in wrought iron. Some of the windows are shattered, and the cement walkways around the place are cracked and uneven. Piles of junk are strewn behind the long-forgotten house

This place looks like it was also used as some sort of business at one point, with credit card logo-ed stickers on one of the windows. The window awnings are totally old-fashioned, and quite lovely still. The front door has been totally boarded up, but you can see that the entryway had a very unique, interesting design. This must have been a nice little place many years ago, how sad that it now lies abandoned this way

Do you have any background information or stories to tell about this abandoned site?


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