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::alphabetical list of locations (+ denotes a place that is no more)::

Below, you'll find a list- divided alphabetically- of all the weird & wonderful locations here on Lost Destinations (+ denotes a place that is no more) You can also browse the locations regionally, by category, or by keyword on our search engine.


Airplane Graveyard (El Paso County, Texas)

The Angel Tree (El Paso, Texas)

Arizona Weirdness (Arizona Road Trip, Phoenix, Tucson, Bisbee, Etc)

The Black Angel (Iowa City, Iowa)

The Bone House (Route 516, New Jersey)

Boyd's Sanatorium (Dripping Springs, New Mexico)

'Broken Alley' (Oskaloosa, Iowa)

Building 265 (Matawan, New Jersey)

Chinese Graveyard (San Antonio, Texas)

Clinton Road (West Milford, New Jersey)

County Line Cottage (Jackson, New Jersey)

Cuervo (Cuervo, New Mexico)

Dead Pool (Staten Island, New York)

Demon's Alley (West Milford, New Jersey)

Dempsey House (Leonardo, New Jersey)

Desolation Diner (Neptune, New Jersey)

Devil's Den (Gettysburg Battleground, Pennsylvania)

Devil's House aka Sapphire Woods+ (Jackson, New Jersey)

Dover Mental Cage aka Cage of Hurd Park+ (Dover, New Jersey)

Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery (Riverside, California)

Firehouse 526 (Jackson, New Jersey)

The Geisler Place+ (Jackson, New Jersey)

Gila Cliff Dwellings (Silver City, New Mexico)

Green Acres (Matawan, New Jersey)

The Greenhouse (Freehold, New Jersey)

Gulick House (Lawrence, New Jersey)

Harmony Church & Cemetery (Jackson, New Jersey)

Hell House (Ellicott City, Maryland)

The Hermitage (Nashville, Tennessee)

Hope Chapel House+ (Jackson, New Jersey)

House Of Handprints (What Cheer, Iowa)

House Of Sand And Fog (Freemont, Iowa)

House Of '77 (Fairfield, Iowa)

Houston Roadtrip (Houston Area, Texas)

Howell Carpet Warehouse+ (Howell, New Jersey)

Idaho, Abandoned (Idaho Falls/Madison, Idaho)

Interstate Burial Ground (Interstate 195, New Jersey)

Jackson House (Jackson, New Jersey)

Jamesway (Lakewood, New Jersey)

Kinnelon Castle aka Untermeyer Mansion (Kinnelon, New Jersey)

Kobe Restaurant (Howell, New Jersey)

La Cueva (Dripping Springs, New Mexico)

Lambertville High School (Lambertville, New Jersey)

Lambertville High Revisited (Lambertville, New Jersey)

The Lodge (Cloudcroft, New Mexico)

MaryJane House (Hill, Iowa)

McCurdy Lane (Jackson, New Jersey)

Monroc Facility (Idaho Falls, Idaho)

Mt. Rubidoux (Peace Tower & Friendship Bridge) (Riverside, California)

NY Yacht Club aka McFarlane-Bredt House (Staten Island, New York)

Ocean Veterinary (Lakewood, New Jersey)

Old Coal Mill (Lambertville, New Jersey)

Old Farm (Jackson, New Jersey)

Old Holmdel Yard (Holmdel, New Jersey)

The Party Bus (Brighton, Iowa)

Paulinskill Viaduct aka Hainesburg Viaduct (Knowlton, New Jersey)

Peterson's Sunset Cabin (Lakewood, New Jersey)

Pleasureland (Oakland, New Jersey)

Poetry Graveyard (Freehold, New Jersey)

Ressel House aka House of 13 Rooms+ (Jackson, New Jersey)

Route 23 Mystery Poles (West Milford, New Jersey)

Route 9 (New Jersey)

San Antonio Roadtrip (San Antonio, Texas)

San Elizario Cemetery (San Elizario, Texas)

Sapphire Woods+ (Jackson, New Jersey)

Satanic Church (Rockaway, New Jersey)

Sesame Inn+ (Howell, New Jersey)

Shades of Death Road (Warren County, New Jersey)

Southwestern Weirdness (El Paso County, Texas)

Split Rock Road (Hibernia, New Jersey)

Staten Island Trip (Staten Island, New York)

Staten Island Monastery (St. Augustine) (Staten Island, New York)

Stone Living Room (West Milford, New Jersey)

Tennent Church & Cemetery (Manalapan, New Jersey)

Thunderbird Mountain (El Paso, Texas)

Tomb of 12 Nuns (Warren, New Jersey)

Tower Of Terror (Madison, Idaho)

Twisted-Tree House+ (Freehold, New Jersey)

Upper Canyon Cabin (Ruidoso, New Mexico)

U.S. Lighthouse Service Depot (Staten Island, New York)

Vacancy Motel (Regency Motel)+ (Howell, New Jersey)

Van Patten Mountain Camp (Dripping Springs, New Mexico)

Wander Inn (Freehold, New Jersey)

West Milford (West Milford, New Jersey)

Whipporwill Valley Road (Middletown, New Jersey)

Winchester Mystery House (San Jose, California)

Witches Hollow Road (Roosevelt/Millstone, New Jersey)



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